George Basargin

George has been a martial arts/combat practitioner and competitor in multiple sports for over 40 years, including Boxing, Sambo, Karate, Aikido, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Sanda, Sanshou, Systema, Military hand to hand combat.

Tactical and competitive shooter in Multigun, IPSC, IDPA, PRS, Speed steel and other shooting disciplines.

Served in Special Forces.

Worked as a bodyguard and security detail private contractor.

Over the years have trained both, law enforcement and military personnel.

Have trained stunt performers, actors and extras in martial arts, cold weapons and gun handling.

Watch my personal demo videos below to see what you can learn.

Please note, the videos contain life fire exercises/competitions that are done by professionals under strict safety supervision. All the firearms training will be done with inert guns, not capable of shooting/chambering life ammunition. Life fire training is available at designated shooting range. Specific conditions apply. Safety is number one priority and there will be no exceptions.

Multigun competition

Fun Times.

Hand to hand combat

How it looks in reality.

Speed shooting

Go Faster.


Me hitting pads.

Night shoot

Don’t get confused, find bad guys and don’t shoot hostages.

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