These classes are designed with one goal in mind – to make you look like a pro in the shortest time possible. Every class is packed with information and hands on practice, so be ready for it. You will be working with prop guns. We start with basics and build your skills with each level, starting from gun safety, stance and grip to one man movement and team tactical movement.  

Student Reviews
Jenny N.

“It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. I was impressed how much information and training you provided in only 3 hrs! I knew nothing at all about guns and actually was fearful of picking one up. That has now changed and if the opportunity comes up on set or for an audition, I wouldn’t hesitate to step up to it!
Great class! I will look into the 2nd class soon as well. It was a very enjoyable experience! Thanks again!”

Akane O.

“It was a very fun & meaningful class. I’m glad I came out of my comfort zone!”

Zane B.

“I wanted to thank you for helping me fix some of the bad habits I had and my grip. It has helped me a lot in my training this week. You really helped out. I passed my Firearms qualification.”

Diane G.

“The classes were super useful, much more hands on for learning gun safety/efficiency than the actual CFSC/CRFSC PAL courses that I took and definitely much better at preparing you to look and feel like you have experience handling and using guns. In two classes, we went through six different handgun positions and handholds and practiced transitioning between them, making sure to always get into ready stance that is grounded. We did this for rifles as well and then we learned and practiced how to move through space with it, smooth walk and positioning of chest vs pelvis, practiced taking aim at clear spaces and transitioning to sul/ compressed low, compressed high or temple index whenever someone passed our target line so as not to muzzle them and then transitioning right back to target aim when the person passed out of the target line, all the while making sure all the elements of proper handhold, sightline, stance, grounding, etc. are achieved. So much to learn, the time flew by. Pricewise, it was a very good deal and well worth it for all that we learned and did.”

Tina-Marie S.

“I had the most amazing and powerful experience, with George & Rita at their “Special Skills For Movies ~ GUN HANDLING & MANIPULATION CLASSES”. The time, attention, care and professionalism is hands down (guns too for safety😉) TOP NOTCH with G & Rita! I learned so much and had so much fun while learning a new skill. If you are an actor, stunt or BG performer who would like to learn how to handle a gun SAFELY, CONFIDENTLY and look like a PRO on camera, THIS class is for you!!! George and Rita will instill in you gun safety, correct grip, correct and confident stance, movement and positions while practicing with prop guns. I simply CANNOT recommend them ENOUGH! Congrats to my fellow classmates Kari Staten Rex and Alyssa! So great to learn, laugh and experience this with you all!”

Kari S.

“The gun handling and manipulations classes are amazing! The importance of gun safety on set can’t be overstated…having worn a weapon on my last project it was time I learned the ropes properly. I am not from a gun family and have absolutely no background with this. I’ve never had a desire to shoot or own a gun. But…if I am in this biz, I need to learn to feel comfortable, confident and feel safe handling weapons properly. Working with guns in this business is no joke and what I learnt from George & Rita was the real deal. Their expertise and passion for this work is reflected in their approach. I learned the proper stance, grip for various prop weapons and movement. I highly recommend it and will be continuing on to their next levels. Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.”

Christian B.

“I have always wanted to learn how to move with a firearm for the movies. I found a fantastic place where I learnt so much at the Gun Handling/Manipulation class taught by George last weekend. I plan to return for the next levels of this class and learn as much as I can so I can make it look real on camera when I need to. The class is very professional and safety oriented. I look forward to more classes.”

Gene Carl C.

“A couple of weeks ago I registered for a “Special Skills for the Movies” course in Vancouver. It was a Basic Level 1 course which contains some really valuable hands on training with various prop hand guns and rifle safety and manipulations. This experience was by far some of the most powerful and knowledge based I have ever taken. This course is a 3 hour block with an amazing instructor George Basargin. There is only four people to a class and if you are all ready an Actor or a Backgrounder for the movies, or maybe just want to brush up on your skills, then I highly recommend this course. If you really liked this course, there are two more levels to follow if you would also like to move forward. You are taught about gun and rifle safety, stance and how to look like a confident pro in front of the camera. I would just like to add that it was great to meet my fellow classmates and thank you George and Rita for your awesome professionalism and looking forward to Level 2. An awesome course for the $79 and a wealth of information.”

Kendra M.

“I am frequently called in for cops and detectives, and I had never run across a gun handling class specifically for actors. The class was intimate and very hands-on, and I learned a great deal in an intense 3 hours.  George and Rita took me from being someone who had never handed a real gun before to someone who can at least fake it confidently for the camera with the proper grip, stance and confidence.  In addition, George provided us with the tools to keep our skills up, which is incredibly helpful.   I very much recommend this class.”

Iain C.

“I thought the course was pretty good. I appreciate that George was informative and very knowledgeable. I want to take more in the future. I think it could be pretty beneficial.”

Jeremy V. T.

“I thought it was informative, and a workout.  I learned a lot and will be signing up for more classes.”

Hailey E.

“I loved it! I will be taking the other levels.”

Devon E.

“Overall, I really enjoyed the course. George was serious and precise about what he taught, but also kept the class light, fun, and humorous.”

Tatiana G.

“I wanna share an exciting thing with you. I just had two days booking for the TV series, Firearms SAE! It was so cool! I felt so comfortable on set and absolutely confident in every movement. So, again, I want to say a huge thanks to you and George! You are doing an amazing job!”

Mark E.

“George is the kind of professional I’d expect to be instructing superstars in LA or Hollywood. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, informative, and respectful of guns and gun safety, and treats every prop like the real thing – which is exactly what you want as a professional and an actor!”

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